Green Monster

No not jealousy or a ball park in Boston…it’s an incredibly healthy and pretty tasty juice sold at one of my most favorite local joints, Green & Tonic.

While the Green Monster is so very good for you, I have a little secret that might be getting some of my “not so healthy” friends and family hitting this juice joint. (I am sure the owners Kai and Jeff did not have this in mind when concocting…) If by chance you have had a big night out, an extra glass of chardy, or perhaps that third margarita, even though you knew you shouldn’t have, get your aching head to G & T as soon as you can the next morning and get a Green Monster. Be sure to drink it while it is very cold and shake it up well. You see, all the goods in the drink* help balance out all the “stuff” you put in your body the night before. It helps balance out all the acidity created by the al-co-hol. Think of it as a lovely alkaline bath for your head and tummy! Drink it up, get some fresh air, maybe take in a quick catnap, and you will feel good as new. So the next time you overindulge, stumble over to Green & Tonic and grab a Green Monster. You can tell them I sent you, just don’t tell them why!

xoxo, Betsy

PS The geniuses at G &T have done it again! Here Comes the “Sun Raven”  Now you have zero excuse to call in sick to work!

* Green Monster contains kale, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, ginger, romaine, parsley, lemon and spriluna –not sure what the last ingredient is but I am sure it is healthy!

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